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About The Hively Co.

We are a team of online marketers who create done-for-you websites, courses, and membership sites, to help you build, launch, and scale your business.

We believe in being Connectors!  


The Hively Co only exists today because of relationships. We are a group of creatives, brought together by mission on mission to create an incredible experience… and we’d like to invite you in to one of those experiences. In fact, working with us feels much like this... “hey, meet us for coffee, we want to hear your dreams.” We love getting to know you as we all work together to bring what you’ve been imagining into reality and out into the online space. We want to sit with you where you are now, see what you see and communicate it to the world in a way that will launch you into achieving your dreams, even if today they seem impossible. This is not a competitive space or a place of intimidation or a place where you become the project of an unknown worker bee… This is a space for you to come home to friends after a long day out chasing down your goals. We are about treating all of our people, including your future people, well. We’re about making sure that every detail of our process from A-Z is genuine in execution and professionally curated. We’re a different kind of agency and it won’t take long for you to see what sets us apart. Our offerings are unique to the industry of creative marketing and you’ll sense the difference, we promise.

Quality Experience

The Hively Co. offers a unique one-on-one, customized and personable experience. Our people ( you ) come first! That's why we believe in offering an experience that focuses on knowing our clients. We begin with collaboration and continue with clear communication in order to best understand YOUR mission. One size DOES NOT fit all and we aim to serve your niche, your audience, and your needs!

Connecting People & Resources

We have learned that resourcefulness is the secret sauce to online marketing! When you are building and growing your business, it is important to find the right people, make the right connections and use the right tools. Whether you are searching for the right tools to propel your business forward or the right people to bring maximum growth to your organization - we can and will be able to help. We are committed to helping you re-imagine or stay the course as we aid you in meeting the right people and finding the best tools! 

Open & Trustworthy Culture

We strive to keep open lines of communication within our team and believe that keeping that open line is key for a trustworthy culture. Because trust is an attribute our team seeks to keep the overflow of that culture pours out into our work and our relationships with our clients. There are no castles here at The Hively Co. We allow mistakes here and we learn from them, then, we move forward confidently with the lesson we learned. We play to one another's strengths and we do not idolize position or power. 

Creating Opportunities

The Hively Co. believes in creating work from home jobs that will be a place to learn, make mistakes, and keep improving. There are endless reasons that a person might need to work from home or have a flexible schedule. That’s why we value the opportunity to create positions and space for that! We aim to not only create jobs within our company but to also be a resourcing starting point for people who wish to launch their own business. We see this mission as one of our company's most valuable commitments.   

Genuine Relationships

We have the privilege of partnering with clients who are on a mission to help others, and we see the opportunity to partner as the beginning of a great relationship. We value the getting to know you process, the opportunity to know how each individual is doing, and invest in each other.

Live Generously

The Hively Co. team is a team of individuals who are striving to live in abundance - abundance of quality time with their family, abundance of opportunities to make an impact in their communities, abundance of resources for giving generously to others, and an abundance of time to offer their own personal goals. We are on a mission to live a life that never just “punches the clock”. 

Surround yourself with people who take action.  

I believe in CONNECTING & EMPOWERING others.


I am on a mission to help others share their message and products with the world. Running a business doesn't have to mean late nights & loss of family time, I want to help alleviate the struggle that comes with starting or growing a business.

For the longest time I thought I was meant to be a sidekick, a number two, a supporting role. It wasn't until I had the rug pulled out from under me and potential clients knocking on my door that I realized, what I had to offer was in short supply.

 Go. Fight. Win

In 2015, I found myself unhappy with my work situation and I made the decision to try something new using my management strengths and talents in marketing. For two years, I tried various side hustles while working full-time. I was positive I wanted to work in Corporate America but what I was actually doing couldn’t have been further from the corporate world. I started by trying out Virtual Assistant roles, I then entered the podcasting space, and even began creating graphics for a blogger...then I crossed paths with someone who used the words "resumes are dead" … and because I’ve always been a “break traditions” - “do things different” kinda girl… I was sold! This online space was DEFINITELY for me!

Now, six years later, I am  in love with doing work that MATTERS and having the ability to live life on my own terms.  

Now, I've worked as an Integrator to 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs, I’ve helped launch and manage over 40 online summits, AND I've built more than 100 landing pages and over 20 websites using Kajabi. My work supports Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators as they share their valuable content. I am so proud to be able to call myself a self taught Kajabi Ninja and to be a connector to those pursuing virtual work. 

Now, I find myself excited to wake up each day whether to consult a client through a launch or to jump into the middle of their dream to accomplish various daily "tasks" for them.

In 2019, a client asked me "Denae, WHAT do you REALLY want to do with your life?" …I blurted out  “I want to hire people"

From the very beginning...I always wanted to bring others on this journey with me! I felt I had found a treasure in this space and I wanted others to find it too! For years I’ve had people ask me what exactly DO I do? ..and HOW did I even get started? Even after sharing my journey they didn't believe they could take that risk. I’ve had conversation after conversation with hurting people, stressed and stretched people struggling to balance work and single parenting, burned people from horrible work culture and burnt out people from high paying jobs with no freedom, even stuck people who want more out of life yet are tightly gripping their security… with every conversation my desire to include others in the work life I’d found grew. 

My current work just hadn't allowed for a team...but I realized that's exactly what I wanted! ...well..that and my own sitcom... but one thing at a time here.

Finally, in 2020, when the whole world was desperate to continue to make its way in the online space, my dream was finally given the NEED to spread its wings… and I officially founded The Hively Co. 

The Hively Co. exists as a launch pad to serve MORE service providers and to see them succeed at doing what they love as well! I pivoted from being a solopreneur - to working to train a team in order to delegate tasks while scaling my business to serve more clients … more clients meant more people that I COULD HIRE! 

I found the people I wanted to "bring along with me" and it was go time! 

Now, I am finally focused on ONE THING - GROWTH. Now, when someone asks me how I do what I do, I can plan to invite them to join me! And really, for me, there’s nothing better than that!

I promise to learn and understand your mission and to be intentional in our projects together. I promise to communicate and repeat our priorities and help you each step of the way. I promise to be an agency that leans in when things get tough. We will know your scheduled deadlines, deliver quality, and create an experience we’re both excited and proud of.

I’ve thoughtfully made every step of our design process, from collecting inspiration for your Kajabi website to launching your next online product or event, a fun and exciting collaborative process you look forward to.

I 100% believe we are a part of your team.

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